FlowMate River – Externally Adjustable High Capacity Automatic Balancing Valve


The FlowMate River Externally Adjustable High Capacity Automatic Balancing valve, is designed to balance flow rates in heating and cooling circuits that require higher capacities. Even at high flow rates, which the River is designed to accommodate, it maintains constant flow irrespective of vary pressure conditions.




Automatic Balancing

Manual balancing is laborious, time consuming and requires unnecessary use of resources and if not done frequently and correctly, can lead to imbalances in the system. This results in needless use of time, labour and an inefficient system. With Automatic balancing valves such as the FlowMate River, the system runs efficiently and without the needs that manual balancing requires. Once installed, Automatic balancing valves maintain the set flow rate automatically, thus saving on resources and ensuring efficiency.


  • Precise Automatic balancing resulting in
    • Minimized maintenance and downtime – The FlowMate River is designed to be hassle free in installation & operation.
    • Greatly reduced commissioning requirements – saving time and resources.
    • An efficient and & cost saving system- all ensure peace of mind for the end user.
  • The easily accessible flow setting control along with it’s easy setting procedure ensures quick and efficient system set up and tuning.
  • High grade materials give durability and a long operational lifetime.
  • With the elimination of manual balancing valves and branch piping, costs in labor and installation are dramatically reduced.
  • Installation space is kept to a bare minimum with reduced equipment requirements.

External Adjustability

Flow rate is easily set & adjusted with the minimal of fuss.


Working Principle

The FlowMate River balances flow by means diaphragmatic movement and variable sized apertures. A self-acting rolling diaphragm reacts to differential pressure changes, counteracted by a compression spring, the diaphragm moves up and down regulating the differential pressure of the incoming flow.

Incoming flow passes through variable sized apertures, in the case of the FlowMate River, they are pre-set to a specific flow rate range. The size of these apertures is governed by the diaphragm movement; as differential pressure changes, the diaphragm moves up or down, decreasing or increasing the size of the apertures. As flow passes through this dynamic system, any differential pressure is regulated and flow balanced.


The FlowMate River automatically balances flow to an externally set rate, irrespective of differential pressure.



  • DN20 to DN150 connection sizes.
  • Compact and robust design.
  • Optional integrated PT Ports .
  • Unique valve design gives a higher than industry average DN size to flow rate ratio.
  • Automatic balancing. The FlowMate A automatically maintains a precise flow rate for each circuit. Meaning  peace of mind for the end user.
  • Easy and convenient external flow setting procedure. Set or change the desired flow rate without havingto remove the valve from the line.


Heating or cooling applications with high capacity flow can utilize the FlowMate River to limit and control their high flow rates. Applications including, but not limited to, cooling towers, pumps, chillers, heat exchangers and AHU’s can benefit from the FlowMate River’s automatic balancing functionality.

Available Sizes