FlowMate’s goal is to provide flow control products that improve on existing designs and functionality of what is currently available in the HVAC market. From concept to installation, we take every effort to focus on efficiency, reliability and value. Simply put, all FlowMate’s products, compared with equivalent products, are innovative and cost effective.

FlowMate was established to offer a new generation of flow control solutions. Our team of experts, having spent decades in the industry, realized that there were areas within the industry that could be greatly improved upon.


Targeting growth regions, offices and facilities were opened in Denmark, Hong Kong, and across South East Asia. After a lengthy process of sourcing suppliers and materials that met with FlowMate’s exacting criteria, our designs and concepts started to materialize. With experience & knowledge garnered from years in their respective fields, our team of experts are authorities in their areas; FlowMate’s global network of expertise boasts academics and professionals from Europe, Asia and America. From graduates who have reached the pinnacles of their study to industry gurus who have literally changed the industry, all our team work towards core values and aims.


FlowMate’s commercial headquarters are based in Hong Kong. The modern thriving environment with its sprawling hi-tech skyline is an ideal hub for FlowMate to keep its finger on the pulse of all that is HVAC. Our two offices based in Denmark and Guangdong China are the heartbeat of FlowMate. It is in these “think tanks” where we conceptualize and rigorously test our products. Implementing only the highest of standards, our Danish team design and engineer our solutions which are then tested in our facility where we house the world’s highest capacity testing rig. Designed by our Danish HVAC gurus, our test facility is used continuously; rigorously putting each product through multiple tests. Each unit is checked above and beyond industry criteria and normal working conditions. All ensuring that each FlowMate product meets the end users requirements and much more.

Message from our chairman.

“In an era where we are all aware of the global environment and energy efficiency, we in the HVAC sector cannot rest on our laurels. Where the buildings and infrastructure our industry help maintain leap forward in levels of technology, so must we. Here at FlowMate, our aim is not only to fulfill today’s flow control needs, but to predict future requirements. Indeed, it is our wish to set a precedent; offering solutions with functionality and efficiency levels never seen before.”